Master Supplements Inc. specializes in probiotics, digestive enzymes, and prebiotics. We utilize scientifically researched ingredients, patented technology, a higher standard of transparency, and quality assurance to separate ourselves from the competition. Our powerful products all raise the standard on digestive health.

  • Theralac® has seven U.S. Patents that protect the technology to deliver the probiotic strains deep into the digestive tract and stimulate them with the special prebiotic: Lactostim®.
  • Granular Theralac® is a probiotic powder that can be used to fortify foods or drinks with a powerful dose of probiotics.
  • TruFlora® is a unique probiotic that also contains enzymes and has powerful bio-cleansing effects. TruFlora® helps provide immune support and digestive comfort.
  • Enzalase® contains twelve plant-based digestive enzymes and is uniquely formulated to emulsify fat and helps breakdown all four major food groups.
  • TruFiber® is a tasteless soluble fiber that can help alleviate digestive discomfort and helps improve beneficial probiotics within the intestinal tract.