Do you ship with ice packs?

We do not. Our Totally Inert Packaging, which includes amber glass bottles, anti-oxygen and anti-moisture desiccant packets, a nitrogen flush, triple seal, and rayon wadding, provides optimum stability and freshness Furthermore, we store our probiotics at -10F in our warehouse until your order is shipped. With 14 years of third party testing and experience shipping worldwide, we're able to guarantee potency through the two-year expiration when shipped without an ice pack. We ship same day and use Priority Mail so products usually arrive in 2 - 3 days. Also, it is important to note that probiotics do not go bad or spoil like a carton of milk would in high temperatures, rather some of the probiotic colony forming units may die-off reducing potency. That is why Master Supplements always formulates with vast overage in bacterial counts, so that we deliver the full potency throughout the entire two-year shelf life.

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