Can I take too many probiotics?

Your intestinal tract contains over 100 trillion microorganisms from over 1,000 different species. Probiotic bacteria, including those in our products, have been used in dosages of one trillion CFU/day or more without harmful effects. 

Human beings have been eating fermented foods and beverages since time immemorial but only recently has the connection between gut health and probiotic consumption been probed by researchers. Probiotic bacteria are generally recognized as safe (GRAS) by the FDA; however, not all strains are created equal and some may be more potent than others which is why it's important to always read the labels on whatever supplement you're considering.

Try to find a probiotic that uses strains that are both of human origin and have a history of evaluation by independent researchers. With the advent of cell phones, it has never been easier to run a quick Google search to see if the strains in your probiotic have been studied and to learn about the potential benefits they may provide.

Lastly, we recommend consulting with a doctor before attempting to take an extra large dose of probiotics. Because everyone's microbiome has a unique bacterial footprint, even small doses of probiotics may lead to gas, bloating, and digestive unrest in certain individuals so it's important to consult with a healthcare provider to find a probiotic supplement that will work for you.

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