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Master Supplements

  1. How We Guarantee High Quality Probiotics

    Since probiotics are living microorganisms, good quality control becomes imperative to ensure that the probiotic bacteria inside your supplement arrive alive and healthy enough to colonize your digestive tract. But how do you actually know that a probiotic is high quality? How can you verify that the bacteria inside will be alive and effective after purchase? In this blog we’ll outline...
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  2. The Differences Between Theralac, TruFlora, and TruBifido

    The prospect of evaluating every probiotic available and trying to figure out which one is best for you probably seems like a challenge right now, doesn't it? With so many options, how can you make a decision? If you've already read our blog on how to select the best probiotic, you're over halfway there! You know why acid proof delivery...
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  3. How to Choose the Best Probiotic Supplement

    Selecting a probiotic can seem like a challenge. Nobody wants to spend money on dead probiotics and identifying which one will be alive, never mind worrying about which will be more potent or will be more effective than the next, can be a difficult maze to navigate. With so many avenues and potential pitfalls, how are you suuposed to determine...
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  4. A 10 Day Cleanse For Occasional Constipation

    Have you or someone in your family been experiencing occasional constipation? Are you sick and tired of trying lots of ineffective treatments? If that sounds like you, then you’ll be happy you’ve found this post. By the end of it you’re going to recognize the causes of occasional constipation, what probiotics and enzymes are, and why they may help alleviate...
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  5. How to Measure CFU

    If you're familiar with probiotics or just getting started, understanding the what, where, and why of CFU (colony-forming units) is a unit of measurement used to estimate the number of viable bacterial colonies that form on a petri dish. To measure the quantity of CFU for a given probiotic strain, we use MRS agar as the growth media (food source...
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