Worried about high temperatures and the shipment of probiotics?

Are you worried about the viability and effectiveness of probiotics when shipped in high temperatures?

Don't be. We've thought of everything!

Our probiotic products are very stable, even at high temperatures. The bigger concern is moisture and oxygen in the bottle and we take extensive measures to make sure these aren't an issue. During the manufacturing process, we utilize Totally Inert Packaging which includes:

  • Amber glass bottles versus cheaper plastic
  • Rayon wadding over less effective cotton
  • Nitrogen flush to remove excess oxygen
  • Moisture and oxygen absorption packets

We take these extra precautions so that the end user doesn't have to worry about the viability of the product. We have made our mark by providing customers digestive health products that provide results. No good comes from ineffective products. We want you to know that at any time if you are unhappy with your purchase, we offer a 60-day money back guarantee.

Now let's dispel a couple myths:

Probiotics should be shipped on ice. Wrong. The problem with ice packs is that they melt and draw in moisture and do nothing to protect the viability of the probiotics. Dry ice is effective but the added shipping cost surpasses the cost of the actual probiotic and simply isn't necessary.

Probiotics can spoil. Wrong again. Probiotics don't spoil like milk or eggs would, rather they may lose potency over time and varying conditions.

Master Supplements probiotics contain bacterial overages and proprietary patented technology to ensure guaranteed shelf life no matter what time of the year we ship. We post third party test results online that show potency and purity verification for every batch for complete transparency. The overages and protective manufacturing measures we take, allow us to guarantee our products potency throughout the entire shelf-life.

Still not convinced? Contact us to view the lab test results on product stability and high temperature testing.

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We recommend that customers take advantage of the volume discounts we offer and stock up in the spring time if you are worried about excessive summer temperatures and issues with shipping. We recommend storing the extra bottles in the freezer and simply keeping the bottle you are using in the refrigerator. For more information on our shipping polices please follow this link:


Be well!

Jeff Porubcan

Master Supplements Inc.