The differences between Theralac, TruBifido, and Truflora

The prospect of evaluating every probiotic available and trying to figure out which one is best for you seems like a challenge. With so many options, how can you make a decision? With the introduction of TruBifido, Master Supplements now has three (okay, technically four) probiotic supplements. We developed TruBifido to colonize your colon with a powerful dose of Bifidobacteria probiotics and complete our triad of supplements. But, what does that mean? Doesn’t Theralac contain Bifidobacteria species as well? Do all probiotics colonize the same locations in my gut? And what about TruFlora? How do they all compare and what effects do they have?

Fortunately, we’re going to break down the differences between our probiotics today because we believe in making it easier for you to make an educated decision.


TruBifido, the newest member of the Master Supplements line, contains the same Bifidobacteria species found in Theralac. We removed the 3 Lactobacillus species found in Theralac and replaced them with 3 different Bifidobacteria species. Additionally, we bumped up the potency of the most well-researched strain of Bifidobacteria, Bifidobacterium lactis (Strain BL-04). We've posted the scientific references on the TruBifido page for your convenience; and a quick Google search will lead you to a host of resources describing the potential this strain (and all of our selected strains) has.

Bifidobacteria prefer the large intestinal environment, so we designed TruBifido with 5 strains of Bifidobacteria to promote colon wellness. Once TruBifido's probiotics arrive in the colon, they can help regulate the immune system of anyone who may have an over-active immune response.

TruBifido bottle
  • Colon-specific formula
  • Helps improve regularity*
  • Helps colon wellness*
  • Helps regulate the immune system*


As you know, Theralac is our flagship product and has been for the last thirteen years. Because it contains both Lactobacillus and Bifidobacteria probiotic species, Theralac is our most generally applicable product. Lactobacillus species prefer the small intestinal environment whereas Bifidobacteria prefer to inhabit the colon, meaning Theralac provides support throughout your digestive tract.

All our probiotic species are lactic-acid producing. This is immediately evident with Lactobacillus species because they share the same prefix. However, Bifidobacteria produce lactic acid too! While the lactic acid produced by probiotics is similar to the D- lactic acid that builds up in your muscles when you exercise, in the intestinal environment, probiotics produce L+ lactic acid which has a host of beneficial effects, namely inhibiting the growth of undesirable microorganisms. When combined, Lactobacillus and Bifidobacteria work together to promote wellness throughout your gut.

  • Complete intestinal coverage
  • May increase digestive comfort*
  • Helps promote digestive wellness*
  • May improve regularity*


TruFlora stands apart from Theralac and TruBifido because, in addition to 2 strains of Lactobacillus and Bacillus coagulans, it also contains two digestive enzymes: hemicellulase and betaglucanase. The effects here are two-fold. Undesirable microorganisms have a cell wall which protects them from the digestive environment and the lactic acid produced by lactic acid bacteria. The two enzymes in TruFlora break down the cell walls of these organisms rendering them prone to the beneficial effects of probiotics. And the three bacterial species in TruFlora produce massive quantities of lactic acid leading to a small intestinal probiotic cleanse. Likewise, the strains in TruFlora are particular to the small intestinal environment, providing a boost to digestive activity.

  • Small intestine formula
  • Probiotic cleansing action*
  • Helps promote healthy digestion*
  • May provide immune support*

Using Theralac, TruFlora, and TruBifido Together

As big proponents of probiotic rotation, we believe the more beneficial strains you can deliver to your digestive tract, the more beneficial effects you will see. But, after looking at the limited number of strains in each of our products, the next question is, “Why don’t you just put 10-15 strains in one capsule?” We separate the strains between products for a couple of reasons. First, not all strains are compatible. While each of the strains can provide beneficial effects, sometimes strains don’t get along and will inhibit each other’s growth in your digestive tract, thus reducing the potential efficacy of both probiotics. With our products, this is most noticeable with Lactobacillus plantarum and the various species of Bifidobacteria. Secondly, some probiotics compete for the same space. If you include 10 species of Lactobacillus and 4 of those strains want to colonize the same region of the small intestine, you reduce their potential efficacy as well.

Rotation works because all probiotics are transient colonizers -- regardless of the probiotic species, what you provide via capsule will depart within 8 weeks of dosing depending on the strain. Similarly, the stool is composed of up to 50% bacterial biomass, meaning that space is consistently being made for probiotics (and undesirable microorganisms) to colonize. By rotating probiotics, you can help reinforce the numerous regions of your digestive tract with the beneficial organisms which help you maintain comfort, wellness, and regularity.

However, some people find their desired results with the usage of a single probiotic tailored to their individual requirements. Everyone’s digestive tract is unique and Master Supplements is dedicated to helping you find the perfect probiotic fit. By targeting specific regions of the digestive tract, we can offer products targeted at your needs.