Bio-cleansing: The Constipation Solution Featuring TruFlora and Enzalase

It's time to let you in on a little secret of mine. I have a condition called slow transit time syndrome i.e. constipation! It's not that I haven't been doing my best to get things moving. A variety of laxatives, herbs, and fibers have definitely helped. But getting a real solution has always eluded me.  That is, until I discovered bio-cleansing.

Apparently, I am not alone with this problem. It appears that 15 percent of us are plagued by constipation! Personally, I think the number is a lot higher.

Twenty-first century living has taken its toll on our intestinal health. Stressful, sedentary lifestyles, lack of proper hydration, eating on the run highly processed and low-fiber diets, antibiotics, antidepressants, hypothyroidism and candida can predispose us to constipation.

What Really is Constipation and Why is it a Problem?

The official medical definition of constipation is "less than 3 evacuations per week, the feeling of incomplete emptying, the straining to evacuate, and the presence of hardened and fragmented feces. But, more realistically, it's all about a healthy transit time, which is the time it takes for food to pass from our mouth all the way through the entire digestive tract to elimination. Optimal transit time should be between 12 and 24 hours. Constipation is more than a 24-hour transit time.

If your colon is sluggish, waste material stagnates and toxic compounds found within the waste can be re-absorbed back into the bloodstream. This adds to a toxic-load, initiating inflammation and free radical damage.

There is also another problem. Slow transit time can result in waste matter drying out and adhering to the walls of the colon. This is called impacted fecal matter. Once fecal impaction occurs, it is really difficult for the colon to remove the feces using its normal contraction process called peristalsis.

Many people will reach for fiber or an herbal laxative to solve the problem. However, most laxatives are tending to be irritating to the gut. They can also lead to dependency or further damage bowel function. Unfortunately, none of these options will really solve the underlying causes of constipation.

What can we do to regain proper gut function? It's all about restoring healthy gut flora as well as peristalsis.;

Bio-Cleansing the Gut: A Solution for Constipation

The gastrointestinal tract is recognized as one of the most complex microbial ecosystems on Earth. The inhabitants of the gut are called microflora and they number about 100 trillion!

A healthy intestinal tract is all about maintaining a population of beneficial gut flora. Scientific studies reveal differences in the intestinal flora of healthy individuals compared with those with constipation. Individuals with constipation typically have dysbiosis (a preponderance of unfriendly gut flora).

Probiotics are one of the most important supplements we can take to restore healthy elimination. The challenge is to find the right product that is truly effective, delivering live probiotic strains deep into the colon. Unique amongst probiotic formulas is a formulation called TruFlora. It combines three powerful probiotic strains and two fiber-digesting enzymes in a patented formula that can achieve what is called bio cleansing, keeping your intestinal tract in a more pristine, microbial state of affairs.

TruFlora's three high-strength Lactobacillus strains colonize both food in the small intestine and waste contents in the colon. They also increase the population of beneficial bacteria as well as increasing muscle contractions along the colon that "gets things moving along"!

Bio-cleansing isn't really complete without Master Supplements' unique digestive enzyme formula called Enzalase. It is effective because it is able to arrive deep into the colon. Enzalase contains 12 enzymes that digest all major food types while simultaneously stimulating the growth of beneficial probiotic bacteria. Even more impressive, it helps to digest impacted matter in the crypts or folds of the colon, which improves peristalsis.

TruFlora and Enzalase have a unique synergy within the gastrointestinal tract to improve gut health and function.

The Ten Day Gut Bio-Cleansing Program

The combined effect of TruFlora and Enzalase contribute to a successful program to re-establish a health gut environment and elimination. Taking this dynamic duo for just ten days will make all the difference!

It is recommended to take two TruFlora and two Enzalase capsules daily for ten days at bedtime with 8 oz. of water. Ideally, do not eat 2-3 hours beforehand.

I decided to try this program for myself. With my constipation history, I thought I would put the bio-cleansing program to the test. I was totally amazed how quickly my intestinal tract got back on track! In all honesty, this is the best program ever for truly restoring a healthy gut.

Regularity, here I come!

Dr. Sherrill Sellman is a Naturopathic Doctor, best-selling author, radio host, international lecturer and freelance health journalist.

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Sherrill Sellman

Dr. Sherrill Sellman is a Naturopathic Doctor, best-selling author, radio host, international lecturer and freelance health journalist.