Granular Theralac Probiotic

Granular Theralac Probiotic

New Granular Theralac® represents a BREAKTHROUGH in probiotic technology! Now, for the first time, a probiotic in powder form that is resistant to the destructive effects of stomach acid. Granular Theralac® has all the proven benefits of Theralac® in capsules and is easily taken by adults and children who have difficulty swallowing capsules.

Granular Theralac® contains compatible probiotic strains that colonize throughout the intestinal tract to help assure regularity and comfort. A unique prebiotic called LactoStim® powers up the probiotics when they reach the intestines. Proven over 10 years by leading doctors, Theralac’s formula is protected by seven U.S. Patents. Here are key facts that separate Granular Theralac® from the competition:

  • 25 billion CFU per serving – guaranteed through expiration.
  • Contains 5 clinically tested strains (both Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium species).
  • Has patented, live delivery through acidic stomach.
  • Has patented LactoStim® prebiotic that helps assure colonization.
  • Can be taken with antibiotics (Double blind placebo controlled study verification).
  • Gently stir or fold into Soft Foods (not hot)
  • Add to a smoothie at the end to limit agitation
  • Sprinkle on ice cream or cereal
  • Great Economy: 40 servings lasts 20 weeks on a maintenance dose.

Granular ingredients

The product does not contain Milk, eggs, Gluten, Wheat, Soy, yeast, Casein, Nuts, Seafood, or Beef Products.

It is the same general formula as Theralac. Without the Totally Inert Packaging (Moisture absorption Packet, Oxygen Absorption Packet, wadding or the HPMC capsule)  we just lowered the Guarantee to 25 Billion CFU at date of Expiration.  Remember most companies guarantee at time of manufacture, and that does not assure you that it was similar at time of purchase.

You can visit our Quality Assurance tool and enter your lot number to see what Granular Theralac was at Date of Manufacture. A typical lot will show greater than 40 Billion CFU at Date of Manufacture. Our Guarantee is 2 years after Manufacturing.

Granular Theralac Activity

Fig. #1 (Granular Theralac: Activity after 90 minutes in Stomach Acid)

Activity is the ability of a probiotic to make lactic acid in broth that simulates intestinal liquid. Here the red curve (stomach acid treated) runs very close to the blue curve (untreated control) proving Granular Theralac® survives stomach acid.

Granular Theralac Growth

Fig. #2 (Stimulation of Theralac® growth with LactoStim®)

Probiotics must grow and multiply to assure colonization, here the blue curve shows growth with LactoStim, the red curve is without LactoStim®. Both show positive growth but the blue curve shows significantly more.