Probiotic Rotation

Probiotic rotation can enhance overall microbial biodiversity in the G.I. tract.  The premise is that undesirable bacteria and microorganisms will be more effectively defeated by a larger contingency of probiotic strains. For example, certain probiotic strains colonize more effectively in specific areas of the G.I. tract – Lactobacilli do better in the small intestine while Bifidobacteria prefer the colon.

Master Supplements Inc., well known for their medical strength probiotic Theralac®, has introduced a partner probiotic called TruFlora®. Both of these probiotics share the same patented alginate-delivery technology that assures live, protected transit through the stomach but that’s where the similarity stops. Theralac® contains five probiotic strains (L. acidophilus LA-1, L. paracasei LPC-37, L. rhamnosus LR-32, Bifidobacterium lactis BL-04 and Bifidobacterium bifidum Bi-07) and the prebiotic: LactoStim®.  This results in symbiotic colonization of intestinal surfaces.

TruFlora® contains three probiotics (B. coagulans IS-2, L. plantarum LP-115, and L. salivarius LS-33) plus two betaglucan digesting enzymes (Betaglucanase at 400 BGU and Hemicellulase at 10,000 HCU) that work together within the contents of the G.I. tract in a bio-cleansing action.

When a Theralac® capsule is taken on day one probiotic_rotation.jpg, at the start of a probiotic rotation program, it delivers 30 billion “live” CFU of its five probiotics deep into the G.I. tract; surface colonization begins on microvilliin small intestine and colonocytes in colon. A day later, when one TruFlora capsule is taken, delivering 15 billion probiotics and 10,400 units of enzyme activity into the intestinal tract, bio-cleansing begins in the intestinal contents (food in small intestine, fecal matter in colon).

By rotating Theralac® and TruFlora®, two distinctly different but complimentary probiotic actions take place: Biotherapy and Bio-cleansing. After 2-3 weeks of daily rotation most people can back off to one capsule of each product weekly, separated by about 3 days.

Master Supplements, Inc. stands by this with a 100% money back guarantee.