TruFiber is a non-gassy fiber (unlike others you may have tried)

Trufiber does not produce excessive gas like other fiber products!  Most soluble fiber products cause gas and bloating.  TruFiber is less gassy due to the molecular structure of SunFiber (PHGG, Partially Hydrolyzed Guar Gum.)  PHGG has an intermediate size (20,000 MW) and only probiotics and other non-gassy bacteria are able to feed off of it.  Other soluble fibers that are smaller in Molecular Weight (MW) such as FOS can be eaten by many types of intestinal bacteria including Clostridia and Fusibacteria, which are very gassy.

You can also drink extra water to help reduce gas.  Sulfate is one of the main causes of gas and it can be diluted by drinking extra water.  Also, in general, eating slower and starting with smaller doses of fiber can help reduce excessive gas and flatulence.