Gentle Enzymatic Colon Cleansing

Enzalase can be used as a gentle enzymatic colon cleanse!  Unlike harsh herbal colon cleanses that can leave you feeling depleted, Enzalase can clean your G.I. tract with a much more gentle approach.  Enzalase breaks down excess food in your G.I tract because of its deep release properties.  This is a great way to prepare your G.I. tract for probiotic colonization.

Simply take two Enzalase a night for ten nights while generally eating light and not eating before you go to bed.  The Sodium Alginate bio-gel which is a carbohydrate from kelp (seaweed) keeps the enzymes intact deep into the small intestine.  This is where the twelve powerful enzymes breakdown built up and compacted food and waste.

This gentle approach is great for bio-cleansing.  It saves you money and will allow you to feel better during and after the cleanse, compared to other harsh herbal options.  Once Enzalase effectively removes the compacted waste, you will have created room on the soft-lining of the small intestine for probiotics to colonize and flourish.  Please see Theralac® for detailed information on this breakthrough Probiotic from Master Supplements Inc.

Although, Enzalase can work by itself, you can try the 2+2 Colon Cleanse for added effectiveness.

2+2 Gentle Colon Cleanse Prepares GI Tract for Probiotics

* Probiotics are the #1 dietary supplement for improved intestinal health but for some they don’t seem to work like they should. A colon cleanse can prepare your colon to receive and benefit from probiotics.2-2-bottles.jpg

* The enzymes and soluble fiber in Enzalase® and TruFiber® work together synergistically to gently cleanse your colon AND prep it for probiotics.

* Take 2 Enzalase capsules and 2 servings of TruFiber with a full glass of water at bedtime (on an empty stomach) for 10 nights. Two glasses of water is even better! Enzalase capsules swallow easily and TruFiber mixes clear with no grit or taste.

* After the 10 nights begin taking a medical strength probiotic such as Theralac® daily – your system will now experience the maximum probiotic benefits that Theralac® can deliver.

* 2+2 is a gentle acting but very effective cleanse – totally different from the harsh herbal cleanses that keep you on the toilet for days.

* The 2+2 colon cleanse works while you sleep, digesting all that impacted crud (polite word) that plugs your intestinal tract and inhibits colonization by beneficial probiotic strains.