Why is Enzalase Best?

Enzalase can be used digestively, systemically, as a colon cleanse and to stimulate probiotics. As a digestive enzyme, Enzalase has unmatched potency and consists of a unique blend of enzymes that breakdown fat, carbohydrates, and proteins in your diet. This helps people eat foods they enjoy but may have a hard time digesting.

Digestion: Enzalase contains a powerful dose of the enzyme Lipase for fat digestion. This is important because lipase improves the activity of all other digestive enzymes! It does so by effectively removing the fat coating that surrounds chyme (food mixture) so that the other enzymes that breakdown proteins and carbohydrates are able to do so without being hindered by excess fat. Enzastim in Enzalase boosts the activity of lipase by assisting in fat emulsification (US Patent 8,066,986).

Systemic Health: Enzalase can also be taken on an empty stomach to work systemically. It does so by entering the blood stream where the enzymes breakdown fibrin (plaque). This helps with inflammation and may improve circulation. Other systemic Enzymes are so weak you may have to take 12/15 at a time! Enzalase's high potency sets it apart and allows you to achieve the desired results with just a couple of capsules.

Colon Cleansing: Enzalase can be used as a gentle enzymatic colon cleanse! Unlike harsh herbal colon cleanses that can leave you feeling depleted, Enzalase can clean your G.I. tract with a much gentler approach. Enzalase breaks down excess food in your G.I tract because of its deep release properties. This is a great way to prepare your G.I. tract for probiotic colonization!

Probiotic Stimulation: Enzalase also releases key nutrients from your diet that stimulate your probiotic microflora for increased overall digestive regularity and balance. This is a very versatile and effective product that you can truly feel working!