About Master Supplements, Inc.

Randy Porubcan.

In 2003, Randolph S. Porubcan set out to create a probiotic that was more powerful and effective than anything else on the market.  With over 30 years of experience researching naturally occurring, symbiotic microorganisms he was poised to do just that.  With 7 U.S. Patents covering the delivery as well as the prebiotic stimulation, Theralac® was his brainchild.  Theralac® set a higher standard for quality and effectiveness in a competitive nutritional supplement industry.  While other companies used slick marketing to advertise their products, we relied on superior science and patented technology. Word of mouth became our advertising, and customers were clearly excited about the positive results! In the years that followed a full line of digestive health products were developed that matched Theralac’s higher standards.  Today Master Supplements Inc. has a clear vision to get these powerful products in to the hands of all those that need them.