• Theralac Bio-Replenishing Probiotic

    Probiotics that help keep you healthy!

    Theralac helps return you to digestive regularity and helps regulate your immune system.
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  • Granular Theralac - Acid-Proof Probiotic

    Now available!

    Granular Theralac is Theralac without the capsule! 
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  • Enzalase Probiotic Compatible Enzymes

    Enzymes for active digestion.

    Helps your body digest food with ease. Works systemically and as a gentle colon cleanse! Read more

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  • TruFlora Probiotic PLUS Enzymes

    Bio-cleansing probiotic.

    TruFlora helps cleanse your G.I. tract and aids the body in breaking down yeast cell walls.  Read more

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  • TruFiber Dietary Fiber Supplement

    Fiber and bifidogenic enzymes.

    TruFiber is a soluble fiber which dissolves in water with no taste, grit, or thickening. Read more

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